Coreglia Ligure

Coreglia Ligure ( 308 m , pop. 269) consists of three main villas – Dezerega Coreglia and Canevale – and three smaller towns : Piandeimanzi , where the town hall , and Piandicoreglia Vallefredda .

Its importance over the centuries is mainly due to the fundamental means of communication between the coast and the hinterland from Piacenza and Pavia.

Point of connection between the hinterland and the coast is the Pass of the spreader , which in turn connects to the famous Shrine of Montallegro , located just beyond the ridge of Monte Rosa, renowned place of worship and prayer which the inhabitants Coreglia , Canevale and Vallefredda are particularly attached .

Church of St. Nicholas .

It stands on a hill overlooking the village . The first official mention of the building is built in a document dated May 22, 1147 where the archbishop of Genoa , Siro , granted to the Count of Lavagna Berengar of the Tower the tithes of the churches of Coreglia and Canevale . In the apse there are several cycles of frescoes in the second half of the nineteenth century : the Resurrection on the left side , Nicholas Bishop gives a model of the church to Christ in the apse , the Annunciation on the right side and the Eucharist in turn surrounded by angels . There is also a cash procession of the Ark in the pulpit of St. Joseph of the Holy Family .

Church of St. James. The parish church of the diocese of Chiavari, is situated in the hamlet of Canevale . Inside there is a wooden sculpture depicting St. James on horseback spearing the Moors , effigy solemnly carried in procession during religious holidays . From the village can be reached via an ancient path , the shrine of Our Lady of Montallegro in the town of Rapallo.


The “Race of the Holy .” Just near the church of St. James, the first Sunday of August , there is the race of the saint on horseback. The statue , which sees the patron on a white horse with a sword appeal against two Moors , is carried by the faithful rush to the end of the procession , giving the feeling that St. James is galloping .